We offer products and services to meet the specific requirements of our customers

Services and technical advice

We offer comprehensive technical advice for the design, application and operation of microwave components and systems. 
The specific requirements of each customer are carefully addressed.

We interface meticuously with our customers to establish and maintain product specifications. And we communicate closely with our customers. We maintain close customer communication to monitor project status and schedule.

Planning and Development

We focus strongly on technology and schedule in the planning and execution of customer-oriented solutions.  We conduct lay-out and feasibility studies to assess possible risks and to provide expeditious reaction to project requirements.

Production and Sales

We are a major producer of in-house microwave ferrite materials, ceramics and thin film technology.

These materials are used to develop and manufacture prototypes and in series production of microwave components.  We manufacture a wide range of customised and application-specific components and systems for use in the areas of:

●  Science                                                                             
●  Medical technology
●  Aviation and space technology
●  Radar and military technology
●  Microwave industrial and commercial heating
●  Telecommunications
●  Broadcasting


Your personal contact person

Dieter Müller

Fon: +49 (7191) 9659 - 0
E-Mail: sales[at]