ECOfit 2015 - Wir sind dabei!

ECOfit ist ein Programm des Ministeriums für Umwelt, Klima und Energiewirtschaft Baden-Württemberg zur Förderung des betrieblichen Umweltschutzes in Unternehmen. Durch Initiierung von konkreten Maßnahmen in den Bereichen Energie, Wasser und Abfall sollen die Umwelt entlastet und Kosteneinsparpotenziale aufgedeckt werden.

Über einen Zeitraum von einem Jahr nehmen wir gemeinsam mit anderen Betrieben aus dem Rems-Murr-Kreis an dem Programm teil. Gemeinsam mit den Spezialisten wollen wir ein Maßnahmenpaket zur Verbesserung unserer Umweltleistung erarbeiten.



Dr. Arnold departs from AFT

After announcing in June that he would be leaving AFT, Dr. Wolfgang Arnold invited all employees of AFT microwave to the Beer Garden Zum Läuterbottich in Allmersbach on a warm summer's evening to thank them for many years of excellent and successful collaboration. Wolfgang Weiser, a long-time colleague from previous days at predecessor Bosch ANT, delivered a speech honoring Dr. Arnold's accomplishments and contributions, with many anecdotes.

As co-founder of the original AFT GmbH, Dr. Arnold shaped the development of the company into today's AFT microwave GmbH. Starting from the original microwave ferrite products, he integrated thin-film product lines from Marconi and Siemens and extended the product portfolio with ferrite loads, fast ferrite tuners and IQ modulators. He also enabled the development of pulsed high power devices, such as for oncology radiation therapy applications. He was a much-valued dialog partner for employees and customers, thanks to his competence, power of comprehension and technically-driven interest in new challenges, which resulted in turning customer needs into new products.  Dr. Arnold was instrumental in guiding AFT from an engineering company into a leading manufacturer of ferrite-based microwave components.

Dr. Arnold's preference for the gathering was not as an hour of farewell, but rather as an hour of expressing his thanks. He thanked all the employees and Mr. Müller for the support he experienced during the many years at AFT.

We, in turn, express our sincere thanks to Dr. Arnold for his leadership while participating in an exciting enterprise, with challenging technologies and successfully interfacing with customers and suppliers. Dieter Müller, Managing Director since 2007, and all AFT employees will ensure the continuity of AFT's innovative attitude and accessibility to new business segments.

We wish Dr. Arnold all the best for his professional and private future. As he departs from AFT, we presented him with a World Map showing the many destinations that his travels may take him to.



AFT high-power ferrite circulators and RF loads support the LHC experiment in the search for the Higgs boson and new high energy physics.
At the European research center CERN near Geneva, the 27 km ring tunnel previously housed the LEP particle accelerator, an electron-positron storage ring collider.  AFT has been a major supplier to CERN for many years, with unique state-of-the-art ferrite circulators operating in LEP at RF power levels up to 1.3 MW CW into a continuous short circuit.

LEP was dismantled and replaced with the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in the same 27 km tunnel.  LHC is a proton-proton collider and can also operate with heavy ion beams ( A run with lead ion beams was made in 2011).  LHC is the most complex and costly machine built by mankind and incorporates the world's largest super-helium cryogenic plant.  Particles are accelerated to almost the speed of light and the counter-rotating particle beams are collided at four detector locations (ATLAS, CMS, ALICE and LHCb) around the 27 km ring.  The resulting showers of sub-nuclear particles are analyzed by thousands of physicists working on the LHC project.

The search is on for the Higgs boson (a theoretically-predicted particle thought to impart mass to the other known particles), supersymmetry (SUSY),  to explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe and what constitutes dark matter and dark energy.  LHC has identified that the Higgs boson, if it exists in the expected form, is likely to be found in the mass range 116 to 127 GeV.  Heavy ion collisions in LHC can produce a micro-fireball of quark-gluon plasma that emulates conditions thought to exist in the nascent universe in the first seconds after the Big Bang and before the elements were formed.  LHC has verified and refined the major elements of the Standard Model and discovered a new particle, the χ b(3P) which is based on the heavy bottom quark.

AFT is proud to continue to be the supplier of ferrite circulators and RF loads to CERN to protect the high power klystron RF generators in LHC.  Similar AFT high power ferrite circulator products are in service in major particle accelerator laboratories world-wide.


Participation in ESS Project in Lund, Sweden

Once again, we participated in a tender and were able to win a new project for us. We are pleased to announce that we have been able to land an order from ESS, circulators and ferrite loads for the Spoke (352Mhz) and Beta (704MHz) cavities. The European Spallation Source (ESS), headquartered in Lund, Sweden, has the objective to deliver the first neutrons by 2019 and is expected to be fully functional in 2025. Thus ESS will be one of the largest infrastructures in Europe for neutron production and material research. Briefly a few information on the application: a long pulsed superconducting LINAC is used and a 62.5 mA proton beam current is accelerated to 2000MeV energy. The peak power on the target will be 125MW, 7 times higher than the existing facilities. We are proud to be part of such a large project and look forward to working with ESS.