Perfect product specification has its origin in our pioneer spirit.

AFT has been setting the standards for more than 40 years in the development and production of microwave components, ferrite and dielectric materials and thin film technology.

Microwave components

Our competence in the development and production of high-quality microwave components is the key ingredient for the successful realization of ferrite circulators, isolators, phase shifters, fast ferrite tuners and absorbers.  These components and their associated sub-systems operate with high efficiency and low loss.

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Ferrite-based components

As pioneers of microwave ferrite technology, we have been developing and producing ferrite-based non-reciprocal microwave components for more than 40 years.  The core of these components is microwave ferrite material, operating in a static magnetic field.

We have long-term competence in the development and production of high quality microwave ferrite materials.  Our in-house facility produces sintered garnet and spinel materials and our cutting/grinding shop produces the required final shapes.  This enables us to produce circulators, isolators, absorbers, phase shifters and fast ferrite tuners, along with their associated sub-systems with high efficiency and very low loss.  Our in-house ferrite materials capability means that we are not dependent on outside suppliers for these materials.

Our ferrite components cover the 30 MHz to 40 GHz frequency range.  Power levels range from milliwatts to megawatts, with pulsed or CW RF power.  We are experienced in handling project-specific requirements and maintaining  ongoing highest quality in our products.


The two key performance requirements in ferrite circulators are high isolation and low insertion loss under all operating conditions.

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Thin film technology

We produce integrated microwave circuits and modules based on the AFT thin film technology. For this purpose we employ ceramic substrates, which are processed thoroughly and meticulously.

In each individual area we always pay high importance to absolute professionality, precision and efficiency and always keep in mind the demands of project and customer. Get yourself convinced of the quality of our range of products. 

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