Creativity in design and professionalism in project execution

Our successful and innovative product and system solutions are based on the philosophy of providing the best performance and operating conditions.  We adhere to customer specifications in an expert and cost-efficient way.

We combine our many years of extensive experience and technical knowledge with the most modern CAD tools, layout technologies and measurement techniques.  On short time schedules, we develop state-of-the art products with extremely high RF power capability.

High performance applications impose special demands on our products.  They must operate under extreme system conditions with very low insertion loss.                                                           

We design and manufacture ferrite-based microwave components, such as circulators, isolators, absorbers and phase shifters, using sophisticated production processes.  Our in-house ferrite garnet and spinel facility provides full control of the properties, cost and availability of these materials and there is no dependence on outside suppliers.

In addition to the ferrite-based product line, we also develop and manufacture other passive microwave components and subsystems for high-performance applications.