Made in Germany - Production in our Backnang factory location

At our factory site in Backnang we develop and produce a wide range of microwave equipment and components.  Our product line has five major categories:

Individual + Serial + Ferrite + Electronic + Thin film

Individual production
An important focus is on the production of high power ferrite circulators for scientific institutions world-wide.  For these circulators a high degree of unique craftsmanship and precision is essential.

Series production
Focus is on the production of high power ferrite circulators and RF loads for medical linac equipment used for cancer treatment.  Also drop-in and SMD-type circulators for radar antennas.  The highest quality and reliability requirements are imposed in these demanding applications.

Ferrite production
We produce ferrite and dielectric ceramic materials from the raw oxide powders through to the final sintered stage.   Our in-house cutting/grinding shop then produces the final shapes, which are used in our own products and also supplied as components to our customers.

Electronic production
We produce additional electronic devices and control units, such as temperature compensating units, arc detectors and AFC units, which are used with our circulators and also elsewhere in customer high power RF systems.

Thin film production
Circuit layouts on ceramic substrates are precisely structured in our ISO-classified clean rooms.  Many of these products are space-qualified and processed and documented to meet ESA regulations for satellite telecommunication applications.