AFT maintains close cooperation in research and science world-wide

For many years AFT has been cooperating with international research institutions, universities and industrial partners.  Through involvement in forward-looking scientific projects we continue to advance our innovative technologies.

Some examples of research projects in which AFT has cooperated are as follows:

1. NaMaCo: Nanostructured, thermally sprayed Magnetic Coatings for
Microwave Absorption Applications
Sponsoring institution: EC CRAFT
Project number: COOP-CT2006-031944
Term: October 2006 - December 2008

For further informations to this project please visit:

2. Conductor project: Superconductor and new ceramics for communication
technology of the future - part of the project: New ceramics
Sponsoring institution: BMBF
Reference number: 13 N 7385
Term: July 1998 - June 2003