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S-Band and X-Band

In medical technology (radiotherapy) as well as in non-destructive material testing and the inspection of industrial goods such as containers, linear accelerators (LINAC) are used for the creation of high energy x-rays.

Our passive high-performance components and -subsystems are the link between the microwave generator and the accelerator cavity. Whether in the S band (2-4GHz) or in the X band (8-12 GHz), we promote the low-loss transmission of microwave energy and protect the microwave tubes from damaging reflections. Our Fast Ferrite Tuners (FFT) also enable fast energy switching with stable tube operation at the same time.

These are the key functions for the reliable and long-lasting operation of important medical and research technologies as well as industrial systems.

For the S-band and X-band we provide a broad range of generic products and customized solutions.

These products include:

Ferrite loads
Waveguides + accessoires
ARC detectors
Microwave ferrites