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ARC Detector

Our Arc Detectors react as fast as lightning.

Microwave components and systems that work in the high performance area build up very high electrical field strengths, in particular at edges and field discontinuities. Moisture or contamination promotes an electric discharge in the form of an arc. If the energy is so high that this causes an arc, a large proportion of the microwave energy will be reflected and the arc returns back to the microwave source. Waveguides and RF source could incur considerable damage as a result, and could even be destroyed completely.

We have developed our highly sensitive and fast optical Arc Detectors precisely to protect your high-performance microwave components and systems. Arcs and the very smallest amounts of light are detected within a few microseconds and the microwave generator can still be shut off in time before a too high amount of energy can build up in the arc. In the most favorable state, permanent destruction due to combustion can thus be prevented..




ARC1 2.0 single channel
  • Very high light sensitivity < 1 lux and fast response time < 2 µs
  • One or two detector channels with FSMA connection
  • Digital and optical outputs
  • Photo voltage monitor for each detector channel
  • Photo voltage monitor for each detector channel
  • Option: Configuration via USB software interface


ARC1 2.0, the second generation of our successful ARC1 Arc Detector Box combines a fast reaction time of just a few microseconds with an even higher light sensitivity significantly less than 1 lux. That is outstanding. Installed in a compact, light metal housing with keypad, the device is now optionally available with one or two detector channels. The new version with two detector channels has been specially developed to monitor isolator assemblies (circulator + load) and for coincident arc detection. A global interlock signal can be obtained by logical OR (as standard) or AND (optional) connection of both Arc signals.

ARC1 is optically connected to the Arc-Viewport of the microwave components to be monitored via a low-loss fiber optic cable. Standard FSMA connections are used as optical interfaces.

Part No.:                      ConfigurationData sheet
A1-2-SC-00ARC1 - Single Channel Arc Detector 2.0PDF
A1-2-DC-00ARC1 - Dual Channel Arc Detector 2.0PDF
A1-2-USB-00ARC 1 - USB Interface Access 2.0PDF



  • Very high light sensitivity < 1 lux and fast response time < 2µs
  • Can be equipped with up to 16 detector modules and 2 system interface modules
  • Digital and optical output and photo voltage monitor for each detector channel
  • Programmable logic for interlock signals (GLBARC)
  • Optical test module
  • Option: Configuration via USB interface and LAN web interface


We have equipped the new generation of our proven multi-channel ARC4 Arc Detector system, ARC4 2.0, with the same advanced photo detector stages as our new ARC1 2.0. The modern 19” housing can be equipped or expanded with up to 16 Arc detector modules and 2 system interface modules. The plug-in slots of the detector modules can also optionally be equipped with our optical test modules. With these test modules, it is possible to test the complete optical transmission and receive chain, including fiber optic cable and arc-viewport.

A new option is the free programming of the system-interface logic for up to 4 independent interlock signals and the programming of parts of the system configuration via keypad, USB interface access or web browser access.

ARC4 is optically connected with the arc-viewport of the microwave components to be monitored using low-loss fiber optic cables. Standard FSMA connections are used as optical interfaces.

A4-2-SYS-00 - X- XI - XT  Order code for a customized ARC4 system

Part. No.:               Configuration  Value OptionsData sheet
XDNo. of arc detector modules  A4-2-ADM-0016 max.PDF
XINo. of system interface modules A4-2-SIM- 002 max.
XTNo. of optical test modules  A4-2-OTM-0016 - XD max.
ARC4 - USB Interface Access 2.0 (Option) A4-2-USB-00Option
ARC4 - LAN Web Interface 2.0 (Option) A4-2-LAN-00Option


ARC Detector accessories

  • Arc Viewport FSMA with 1/2” flangeArc
  • Arc Viewport FSMA gas-tight M12x1
  • Arc Viewport FSMA with Testport FSMA


We provide two qualities of optical fiber optic cables, both of which are equipped with FSMA connections:

  • a low-loss multi-mode fiber optic cable of type MFOC-LKS and
  • a radiation-resistant but more lossy plastic fiber cable of type PFOC.

Both types of cables are available in a range of standard lengths. Customized lengths are also available upon request.

Our FSMA interconnectors enable two cables to be cascaded, for example a short PFOC and a long MFOC if a restricted local radiation-affected area has to be bypassed.

With our arc viewports (viewing window), we can provide you the options to equip or retrofit your components for optical arc detection.

We provide three different versions, each with a standardized optical FSMA connection.

Part No.:             ConfigurationData sheet
MFOC-LKS-XXXMultimode fiber optic cablePDF
Part No.:              Configuration                       Data sheet
PFOC-SH-XXX   Plastic fiber optic cablePDF
Part Nr.:                        Konfiguration                                Datenblatt     
AVPP-02ARC Viewport set pressure-tight M12x1PDF
AVPN-02ARC Viewport FSMA ¼”-36 UNS2APDF
AVPT-01ARC Viewport with test portPDF
AVPT-CF 16-01Arc Viewport CF16 with Testport, FSMAPDF

Please select your desired length for XXX.

Part No.:                 Configuration                             Daa sheet
FSMACI02FSMA cable interconnectorPDF


  • Automatic frequency control module for magnetron or klystron operated LINACs
  • Processes the forward and reverse RF signals and provides two LF output signals
  • Error signal AFC B - AFC A is proportional to the phase difference of both input signals
  • Mechanical or electronic phase shifter for phase correction
  • Compact design
  • RoHS compliant


We provide compact automatic frequency control modules (AFC) for the LINAC industry. The AFC is used as the key module in the frequency control loop of a magnetron or klystron operated LINAC. It provides an error signal that is used for the fine adjustment of the RF frequency of a microwave tube to the resonance frequency of the LINAC.

Our AFCs enable the fine adjustment of the insertion phase to be able to match the AFC exactly to the operating frequency and to obtain the same frequency correction ranges for both sides of the resonance frequency. Phase setting for the module is performed using two technologies:

Part No.:                        ConfigurationFrequency MHzData sheet
eAFC-2856-01Electronic AFC2856PDF
eAFC-2998-03Electronic AFC2998PDF
mAFC-2998-01Mechanical AFC2998PDF


  • Temperature compensation via temperature sensors for water and ambient temperature
  • Calorimetric measurement of the ferrite losses in the circulator
  • Option: RF control sensor card for faster reaction times
  • PLC status and error signals, interlock signals
  • USB, RS232 COM Interface
  • RoHS compliant


For circulators operated at highest power levels and for high requirements on performance characteristics, our TCU6 (Temperature Compensating Unit, TCU) is used. This digital thermal compensating unit, enclosed in an industrial grade 19” housing, stabilizes the circulator operating point by providing a corrective current for the electromagnets in the circulator. The TCU works here according to the calorimetric principle, i.e. the heating of the ferrites under high power is measured by the inlet and outlet water temperature sensors in the circulator and transmitted to the TCU. When expanded via our optional RF control using the RF sensor card, the reaction time of the compensation can also be decreased considerably.

The circulator thereby always remains at the correct frequency and provides the isolation desired there, even in the event of altered cooling water temperature and if the ferrites heat up under power.

Cables, replacement temperature sensors, configuration files, software and customer services round off our TCU product range.

Part No.:                        Configuration                                                Data sheet


TCU accessories


Part No.:                     ConfigurationData sheet
T6CCShXXXTCU6 coil cable shieldedPDF
T6CSShXXXTCU6 sensor cable shieldedPDF
T6CRFhXXXTCU6 RF cable to the sensor cardPDF
T6RFSC02TCU6 RF sensor card 2.0PDF

TCU6 Adapter Coil Cable 01

(old cable - TCU6 2.0)


TCU6 Adapter Coil Cable 02

(new cable - old TCU)

TSWIN01Temperature sensor water inlet - yellowPDF
TSWOUT02Temperature sensor water outlet - redPDF

Please select your desired length for XXX.

TCU6 Software

Part No.:ConfigurationData Sheet
T6CFSNTCU6 configuration file for circulator-S/N-specificPDF

TCU6 Customer Software 2.0

for Configuration File up-/download