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From Milliwatt to Megawatt

For more than 40 years AFT has been offering successful advice and execution as far as microwave technology is concerned. Our company is based in Backnang, in the technology hub of greater Stuttgart, Germany. Our product series cover a vast range of microwave components, thin-film technology, electronic devices as well as in-house ferrite ceramic production. Thus, our performance ranges from material to components up to complete system solutions.


Your competent partner in every aspect of microwave technology that offers you customized:

  • Passive microwave components
  • Electronic devices
  • Tuned Subsystems from source to applicator
  • Thin-film structued substrates
  • Ferrite materials

We produce ceramics such as ferrite in diverse forms with our in-house AFT manufacturing technology. Our technlogy is not only highly innovative but also unique and enables us to build the smallest, yet most efficient circulators worldwide.