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Microwave ferrites

All our microwave ferrites are dense, polycrystalline ceramics, fabricated in-house by powder processing, pressing, sintering and final machining.

We offer a wide portfolio of microwave ferrite materials, covering a broad range of operating frequencies and being specially designed for high-performance applications requiring high-power capability, low losses and/or high temperature stability among others. These characteristics in combination with a stringent quality control are key factors for the realization of reliable high-power circulators.

  • Low-loss garnets (RG LL)
  • Temperature compensated garnets (RG TC)
  • Spinels (RF)

Links to the corresponding data sheets are shown in the table below.


Material Type                            Description                                     Data Sheet
RG LLLow-loss garnetsPDF
RG TCTemperature compensated garnetsPDF

AFT can produce a wide range of shapes and dimensions in tight tolerance and according to our customerĀ“s needs, such as:

  • Rectangles
  • Triangles
  • Disks and rods
  • Toroids
  • Substrates for thin-film processing
FerritesShapes and DimensionsPDF