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Certified quality and safety

The product of AFT microwave are developed and produced to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Customer applications that demand this high product quality include thin-film and ferrite products for space technology and in medical and military equipment.

Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001. We also provide additional quality control methods to meet the specific needs of our customers.

In the design and manufacture of our customized products, high quality is ensured by detailed documentation of materials design and prodcution processes.

Sustainable protection of resources enable growth

As a manufacturer of microwave products AFT is a second-line user in the context of REACH 1907/2006.

We strive to avoid the use of materials classified as dangerous in our products. If such materials are necessary, our customers are appropiately advised.

We maintain ongoing communication with our suppliers to ensure continuing availabilty of our basic materials.

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Telefon: +49 7191 96 59 115

ISO 9001:2015

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